Becky Ramsay
Rachel Savchenko

BA (Hons) Criminology Criminal Justice, University of Central Lancashire.
CMI Strategic Management, Member of the Federation of Drug Alcohol Professionals (FDAP)

Rachel currently works as a Senior Manager within Healthcare, specialising in criminal justice and addiction.
With a degree in Criminology Criminal Justice, Rachel worked for a large national charity for almost 15 years before moving into the healthcare sector.

Rachel brings a wealth of experience in charity policy, governance, contracting and fund raising. Alongside this, Rachel is experienced in developing evidence based awareness sessions in areas such as risk taking, consequential thinking and impulsivity, particularly linked to substance misuse.

Quote: I am delighted to be on the Board of this wonderful charity. My two children were friends of Dylan and so this charity is close to my heart. I have watched Becky tirelessly campaigning to raise awareness of water safety to reduce the number of water related deaths.

Gary Wiloughby

Retired firefighter, 24yrs operational 4yrs in community safety, lead on water safety, swift water
rescue technician, most successful project water line rescue boards 37 in S Yorks on retirement.


I have been a primary school teacher for 30 years and I’m currently a headteacher at a primary school in Chorley.

I’ve known Beckie since Dylan and my son were at primary school together and I’ve always followed and supported her campaign over the years to educate as many people as she can about the dangers of swimming in open water.

Beckie is a powerful speaker and I’ve seen the impact she can have first-hand on children when she’s spoken at my school. I want to ensure that children in as many schools as possible can hear her message.